Integrated & Co-Blended Emulsifier/ Stabiliser Solutions
Our texturising systems are designed to create the perfect ice cream eating experience. Targeted texture occurs when organoleptic properties are examined through the senses. Our texturising systems help attain the desired attributes that are responsible for the mouthfeel of a product that determines the eating experience of the consumer. Select from a range of emulsifier/stabiliser solutions in a variety of ice cream formats including hard pack, extruded, novelties, soft serve, water ice lollies, sorbets & sherbets.


  • Good melting resistance & shape retention
  • Good heat shock resistance
  • Good body & consistency
  • Creamy mouthfeel
  • Finer ice crystals & smooth texture
  • Clean & fresh eating properties
  • Suitable for both warm and cold eating properties



  • Hard Pack
  • Extruded & Novelties
  • Soft Serve
  • Water Ice Lollies
  • Sorbets & Sherbets

Texturising Systems For Dairy & Non Dairy Applications

Ekömul™ KREM 500 SERIES
Texturising systems for ice creams

Ekölite™ MG Series

Glycerol Mono Stearates (GMS)
Distilled Mono Glycerides (DMG)

Manufactured from natural vegetable-based oils and fats. Functions as a starch complexing agent (e.g, in bread, pasta, and potato powder), water-in-oil stabiliser and emulsifier (e.g. in table margarine) and aerating agent (e.g. in ice cream, imitation cream and bakery gel formulations). This series of products can also reduce the stickiness in chewing gums and improve texture and structure of extruded products, such as extruded snacks or cereal.

Conceptual Recipes

Futura Ingredients Ekömul KREM Texturising Systems are fuss free, customisible, and are meticulously composed to meet formulation needs for both dairy and non dairy applications, backed by technical industry experts. Click on our conceptualised recipes for effortless step by step guidance.

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