At Futura Ingredients, corporate social responsibility starts at a personal level which is why we pledge to commit to continuously improve our everyday actions that impact the greater good of our people, community and the environment. We pledge :


  • To create a healthy, safe and rewarding workspace, enforcing mutual responsibility in the performance and reputation of the company.


  • To commit to produce safe, high quality products and deliver an engaging service experience.


  • To ensure all suppliers are treated with respect and sincerity for sustainable growth and productivity.


  • To educate the surrounding community and our employees through CSR activities.


  • To meet SHE regulations, embed SHE practices in our daily culture and continue to drive for continuous improvement.
  • To comply with ISO 14001 Environmental Management.


  • To strive for the highest levels of ethics in our conduct across our employees, customers, suppliers, the community and environment.
  • To comply with the SEDEX Code of Conduct.


  • To promote sustainable practices and reduce the carbon footprint of our activities.
  • To meet our customers’ RSPO SCCS accredited product requirements in promoting sustainable palm-based ingredients.


  • To embrace a culture of safety, while striving for 365 Accident Free Days and continuous improvements in safety.
  • To comply with industry best practices and accreditation including HACCP, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management, BRC Global Standards for Food Safety and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety.