Emulsifiers offer viscosity control, facilitate the mixing and coating process. During storage, emulsifiers influence fat crystallisation, inhibiting bloom, and moderating polymorphic transformation. Also during consumption, emulsifiers improve the sensory experience.


  • Anti sticking and fat dispersant improver
  • Anti bloom agent and gloss enhancer
  • Yield modifier
  • Gloss retention and fat dispersion improver
  • Fat crystallisation improver
  • Softener of gum base, promotes lubricity and anti sticking


  • Caramels
  • Chocolates
  • Compound coatings
  • Gums & chewing gums

Ekömul ™MG Series

Glycerol Mono Stearates (GMS)
Distilled Mono Glycerides (DMG)

Manufactured from natural vegetable-based oils and fats. Functions as a starch complexing agent (e.g, in bread, pasta, and potato powder), water-in-oil stabiliser and emulsifier (e.g. in table margarine) and aerating agent (e.g. in ice cream, imitation cream and bakery gel formulations). This series of products can also reduce the stickiness in chewing gums and improve texture and structure of extruded products, such as extruded snacks or cereal.

Ekölite™ SE Series

Sorbitan Mono Stearates (SMS)
Sorbitan Tri Stearates ( STS )

Manufactured from vegetable-based organic fatty acids. Functions as anti crystallisers in cooking oils and as anti bloom agents in compound chocolate and confectionary fats, including Cocoa
Butter Substitutes, Cocoa Butter Replacers and Cocoa Butter Equivalents. Ekölite SE 60 S aids in hydration of Instant Active Dry Yeast.

Ekölite™ PGPR Series

Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate

Manufactured from fatty acids of castor oils. Functions as yield modifier in Chocolate and Compound Chocolate. Functions as emulsion stabilizer and fat reduction in reduced fat spread.

Ekölite™ KRYS Series


Manufactured from natural vegetable-based oils and fats. Stabilises products with high oil content, provides resistance to oil separation and improves mouthfeel (e.g. peanut butter, wafer creams, savoury pastes and spreads). RSPO certified and non-palm products available.

Conceptual Recipes

Futura Ingredients portfolio of emulsifiers are designed to improve the processing, storage and consumption of confectionery products. Click on our conceptualised recipes for effortless step by step guidance.


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